BOX Integration Services

bOX Box is a file sharing service that uses cloud computing. It is a cloud content management service that can be used by any industry. Online file storage, file sync, online collaboration are the services provided by Box. Box users can sync files securely to their account, can invite users to view their shared files and they can decide how other users should view their shared content. It is possible to share files securely to people outside of the Box also. The files to be shared are uploaded to the Box server. Users can view and access their files by logging into their account. With Box, you get secure storage, simple sharing and collaborating from anywhere on any device.

Box provides separate SDKs for iOS and Android. Using the SDK we can integrate Box to mobiel apps. It enables sharing of any type of files – document, image, audio, video etc. Uploading files to the Box account, creating folders to group the files, sharing the content with other Box users or users outside of Box, downloading and/or viewing the files in Box account is made possible by the integration of BOX to the application. Apps that can take picture, record video/audio can be integrated with BOX and these data will be stored in the cloud. It can by synced and shared as needed.

BOX Integration Services at Quintet

There are several applications where the contents need to be shared with different users as well as sync them in the cloud. BOX comes to use in such scenarios. Our experts have worked with both iOS and Android apps where the contents are synced to the cloud. They used Box SDK to integrate Box with the app. We have worked with Box Content API to upload, download and share files to box account. We can access the metadata of the existing file and also search a particular file from the metadata we know. Box View API is used to convert document files to HTML and embed in mobile applications. Our developers have experience in wrapping these two API to provide our clients with the best Box integration with the mobile apps. Come to us and let us help you integrate Box into your app and make your app more useful for users who want to use the Box facility for storing their data.

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