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Facebook App Development and Facebook api integration at Quintet in India

Facebook Apps Development Facebook is one of the largest online social media marketing platforms with billions of users who are potential sources of traffic for your websites. Firms nowadays are much more interested in promoting their services through Facebook. At Quintet we will help you tap the potential of facebook by creating facebook apps for your company. At Quintet we will provide you with clean, updated and accurate contents through the proper api integration techniques. That helps you to achieve your goals faster. Facebook distributes all the details through the api documentation. Our facebook api integration experts are also ready to develop or upgrade your existing application with our simple and efficient api integration techniques.

Facebook Application development

Applications in Facebook will help your business firms in reaching the targeted traffic. Facebook pages play a major role in promotion of the business to a large mass, and any optimization technique involving social networking will always remain incomplete without Facebook ,so facebook development is very crucial in todays competitive world.

Facebook Games Application Development

Flash games in facebook are becoming a common trend these days and its winning the hearts of many users. It keeps many facebook users engaged. We can develop Facebook games for you.

Application development on facebook Calendars

We can develop client applications that create new events, edit or delete existing events, and search for events. Get the best calendar applications, totally personalized to your business needs.

Application Listing in Facebook Directory

The Application Directory is just one of many ways of allowing Facebook users to discover your application online. It is also a great opportunity to further promote your application.

Applications in facebook help business firms in reaching a targeted traffic audience. Facebook pages play a pivotal role in the promotion of businesses to a great extent. You simply can’t ignore it. Any optimization technique involving social networking will always remain incomplete without Facebook. Its number one among Social sites today . It makes the right visitors visit your page frequently. We aim at creating innovative user friendly applications for the users at very reasonable prices.

Facebook application development in India

Facebook api is very powerful api that delivers all essential facebook features to developers. Facebook api integration provides interaction with the facebook social features. That is the one and only way of direct communication with facebook. Facebook api opens all the technical details to programmers using their facebook api documentation. Through that they provide more access to facebook media. Our Facebook developers give different types of api solutions according to the type of requirement.

Facebook api services

Facebook sign up

When the user makes use of Facebook credentials to sign up at any particular site, they will not have to use a separate login to browse through. The facebook ID will be used throughout the site. The website will get the users profile information from facebook and this is a simple authentication method making it easier for both.

Likes, Shares and Comments

One of the most used facebook features is the like button. Facebook api integration helps facebook authenticated users in a website to post comments or hit likes with their facebook user id from the site’s interface itself. This will give more visitors to your website as well.

Application development

We have worked on several facebook application development projects. We can easily integrate your applications using facebook api. Other features that can be included are date notifications and ‘share on facebook’ functionalities.

Recent activities

We can gather the user’s recent facebook activity by the integration of facebook API in your websites. This will help in live data sharing and user status updates which will be useful for the growth of your business and deciding on what direction to move on.

Facebook chats and messaging

We can integrate the facebook chat feature into the applications we develop or any messaging applications. This chat function is connected via jabber/XMPP service.

Invite friends to join

Users can increase the application’s usage by sending invitation to their facebook friends. The api gives details about your existing friends in your application. Once we do the API integration you can send dialogues along with this application.

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