Web Development Services using MooTools

MooTools MooTools refers to My Object-Oriented Tools and it is a lightweight, object-oriented, JavaScript framework. This Object-Oriented JavaScript framework allows us to write more flexible and browser independent code with its well documented and consistent API. MooTools is very good modular framework which helps us to choose our own customized combination of components. It helps in making the JavaScript code browser independent. MooTools helps in creating exciting animations within the web applications using their javascript effects. MooTools also offers some additional classes that extends the MooTools core library. These additional classes are generally referred to as Mootool Plugins. This plugins provides better User Interface. Our MooTools developers work closely with our UX engineers to give the best of both.

Web Development Services using MooTools in Quintet

In Quintet, Our JavaScript developers who have expertise in MooTools make efficient integration of MooTools to web applications. If you already have a website built using MooTools we can help to enhance or maintain the same very cost effectively. Integrating MooTools can definitely add more interactive features to your website which can exponentially increase the number of visitors and we are more than happy to get this realised.

How your company will benefit by using MooTools

The greatest advantage of MooTools is that it is object oriented. Code reusability and greater modularity are the highlights that makes development using MooTools an enjoyable task. MooTools is licensed under Open Source MIT license which allows to edit and distribute freely. It also supports all the modern browsers.


MooTools supports different plugins with their applications. Forms are unavoidable parts in a web pages. Form validations plugin is one of the simplest MooTools plugins. Here the plugin provides form with validations without any page refresh. Quintet has a team of MooTools plugin creation experts and we are ready to develop plugins based on your need and also ready to integrate an existing plugin to your application.


MooTools helps to add multiple events to html elements with easy code handling. It supports all type of event handlers. Our developers are experts in MooTools event handling and integration.


Slick is the new selector engine of MooTools. It supports many css selectors. Slick also helps to implement reversed combinators, that are combinators with the reverse of their original.

Drag and Drop

MooTools provides easy drag and drop handlers. MooTools drag and drop helps to make your application more interactive. We offer easy integration of these drag and drop methods to your application.


MooTools supports different effects with their powerful fx class. The fx class supports different animations including morphing, sliding and sorting. And also possible to implement different transition methods with your applications without any effort.


Basic XHR request handling class in MooTools. Supports subclasses for handling html and json data contents. Quintet offers less time consuming and efficient request handling through the MooTools request.

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