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SocketIO Development Services SocketIO is a cross platform Javascript library that enables real time, bi-directional communication between clients and server. It can be considered as a wrapper over other Websocket and other lower level socket libraries. SocketIO is event-driven and it works well at device level as well as browser. It supports fast, but reliable network communication between 2 endpoints. SocketIO uses a custom real time transport protocol implementation which is kind of a wrapper on top of other websocket protocol implementations. That means the server and client should use SocketIO to communicate, that is Socket IO server can only communicate with a client that uses SocketIO protocol. SocketIO uses websocket if both client and server supports it, but falls back to lower level sockets if needed.

Writing real time application can be hard if the client always has to poll server for new changes. It is easier if server can push updates to client without the client asking for it. That is why sockets are always employed for real time, client server communications since it provides bidirectional communication in an event based setup. But the problem is that low level sockets can be difficult to setup and cumbersome to manage, especially across multiple platforms. That is where SocketIO comes in to picture. SocketIO offers all of the features of low level sockets and it is very easy to setup and maintain across multiple platforms.

SocketIO is ideal for applications like instant messaging and chats, real time analysis and reporting, concurrent document collaboration. It has added support transfer of binary data like images, audio and video files etc.

SocketIO services offered by Quintet Solutions

Create a SocketIO based communication interface.

Our expert developers have already explored various communication protocols including SocketIO. They have experience in creating various well received softwares that relies on communication between 2 distant entities. Be it a mobile to server communication, website to website communication, our developers are always up to the task.

Add SocketIO support to your existing software

Do you want to integrate SocketIO support to your existing software? Do you want to simplify the communication process between your client and server? You are at the right place where we have remarkable expertise in integrating SocketIO.

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