Wintec POS services

Wintec Wintec supplies compact, customizable Point Of Sale (POS) devices which supports external hardwares. These devices run on customized Android OS which can host other system or application level softwares. They have inbuilt support for MSR, receipt printers and optional support for barcode scanners and network printers. Merchants can create their own POS application that uses the hardware capabilities of the POS device for their business needs. These devices support various wired communication interfaces like serial, parallel, Ethernet and USB as well as wireless interfaces like Wifi, Bluetooth.

Developers can use native Android SDK to write custom applications that runs on these devices. Wintec provide additional firmware that can be used in conjunction with Android SDK to work with MSR, barcode scanners and other hardwares.

Imagine having a POS or KIOSK counter consisting of a Desktop computer and dedicated external hardwares that is wired to the computer. Wintec provides a likable alternative of a single POS device, that can accept touch input, has an on screen soft keyboard, inbuilt receipt printer and MSR scanner to accept credit/debit card payment. It is pretty easy to setup the counter, maintain it, move it around different locations and cleanup. Since it has support for various communication interfaces, you could create a big POS system with interconnected terminals/counters without having physical connections between these counters.

Wintec POS services offered by Quintet

Create your dream applications that runs on Wintec POS devices

Do you have a retail business where you are thinking of using Wintec POS devices for your needs? Our expert developers have plenty of experience is writing quality applications that runs on various platforms. They are familiar with the native Android SDK and have already developed applications that utilize the full power of Wintec POS devices. They are also experienced in working with various wireless/wired communication interfaces. They could help you to create an eye catching, compact POS application to enhance your business.

Integrating your application with Wintec external peripherals

Do you want your application to use any inbuilt or optional wintec hardwares? The developers at Quintet are familiar with these external peripherals and have already used it for various POS application. We can always help you out .

Create a cloud centered, complex, multi terminal Point of Sale system.

Are you looking for a complex, cloud centered POS system with interconnected POS/KIOSK terminals? Do you want to centralize your business centres and streamline its operation? Well, we are the right people for you. We have developers and designers who could create the system from scratch. Our expert developers have already created many cloud based complex softwares that are well received. We could help you to simplify your business and enhance your returns.

Providing international support for your softwares

Thinking of expanding your business offshore? We could help you to grow your business by internationalizing your software by adding support for multiple languages, currencies, taxes and payment methods. Wintec POS inherits the localization support that Android has, and we could write multilingual applications and package it in a single build. We could also add support for various payment methods such as cash, credit/debit card, check and even bitcoin.

Adding support for various payment gateways

Do you want to integrate your application with any particular payment gateway? Be assured that our developers have already worked with various payment gateways and they are always ready to help you get it done.

Analysis and reporting

Want to know how your business is growing? We could write tools to analyze your business and provide you with accurate reports. Moreover we could make POS devices to print journals that report the business done at that counter.

We at Quintet will help you fulfil all your Point Of Sale Requirements.

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